Nursing / Computer Science

Philosophy of Education


At AEU, we believe that, through the educational process,

the community of scholars and students shall exercise its leadership as well as

mutual submission and support in that we are truly serve each other in order to

produce the finest servants of the Lord.


It is our conviction at AEU that all faculty members are focused on God

and called to teach and fulfill His purpose.

It is our motto to develop a spiritually united faculty that enhances

the quality, depth, and effectiveness of our instruction and equips students to be the faithful minister of the Lord.


The mission of AEU is to train Christian workers to spread the gospel

(i.e. equip Bible-centered, mission-minded leaders for the Church and the world).

AEU is dedicated to the preparation of Christian leaders, missionary workers and church leaders, Christian educators and counselors so they may serve the Lord Jesus Christ and impact the world with the Word of God.


AEU values high academic standards so that its graduates possess competence in the principles of evangelism, outreach missions and discipleship as established by Jesus Christ. AEU places its educational emphasis on the following:


  Missionary training


    1. Pastoral ministry training

    2. Lay leader training

    3. Christian education training

    4. Christian Counseling training


Our Bachelor of Theology program is a degree completion program.

Through this program, we provide professional ministry and vocational education.

This degree is especially appropriate for those aspiring to be ordained as an associate pastor.

Advanced leadership training for ministers (i.e. pastor) and missionaries and lay leaders is provided at the graduate level through the Master Degree in Missiology, Christian Counseling and Master of Divinity programs.


AEU focuses on spirituality, knowledge, skills and character development, so that students will be equipped to be ministers, missionaries, Christian professionals, and church workers who perform at a level which will maximize their service to God.


AEU seeks to achieves the mission, goal and vision of the institution and promote ongoing instruction improvement.