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General Description and Program Objective


The Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) program is designed for students with some experience in computer technology and planning who desire to advance their knowledge and skills in the area of the design, programming, and application of information technology systems. The emphasis is on providing students with the basic analytic skills and strong aptitude for security and IT project management. The program is also designed to help students to understand fundamental and important current issues in computer systems and information technologies. As such, the program is meant to provide students with opportunity to be prepared for employment or to pursue advanced degrees.


The program includes five (6) pre-determined core computer information systems major courses and five (4) elective courses. Every student in majoring MS in Computer Information Systems must take 5 major courses. The core computer information systems courses are as follows: Business Data Communication and Networks, Database Design and Implementation for Business, Information Systems Analysis and Design, IT Strategy and Management, and Information Structures with Java. And every student can select any 5 courses from the list of elective courses based on their interest or concentration in an attempt to prepare their employment or to advance their research. The elective courses have the following two major categories: Security and IT Project Management. Elective courses are as follows: Information Technology Project Management, Distributed Software Development and Management, Agile Software Development, IT Security Policies and Procedures, Enterprise Information Security, Database Security, Network Security, Digital Forensics and Investigations, Mobile Forensics, Web Application Development, Server-Side Web Development, and Rich Internet Application Development.


However, students can choose any class in any combination depending on their purpose in employment or interest in research. Every course has an emphasis on the concepts and techniques related to computer information systems. Students who do not have computer major in the bachelor program will be required to take 5 courses of prerequisite courses. There is a strong emphasis on biblical values and theological education. Courses in computer information systems major will be taught through the lenses of Christian principles. 

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