Nursing / Computer Science

Learning Objectives

Students at AEU are expected to master : 


     - Body of theological, historical and practical knowledge of the Christian ministry,

     - Appropriate to the degree or certificate being sought.

     - Demonstrate through measurable student learning outcomes specified in the outline of

       each course of each degree or certificate program specific courses in AEU’s programs,

       and to develop critical and analytical learning abilities together with educational and

       spiritual values that contribute to life-long learning.


Each AEU course has a final examination or a term-paper which provides a grade to measure

the student’s mastery of the course.

The faculty members and administrators are ready and eager to assist students to reach

their academic and ministry goals. 

In this regard, the AEU has the following specific objectives:


     - To encourage students to participate in their church and community activities 

       and to obtain practical knowledge and experiences.

     - To equip students with opportunities to grow in Christian faith and thought.

     - To equip the various expressions of the Christian faith so that students may understand

       the role of  Christians in contemporary society.

     - To encourage students to participate in the process of practical theology which involves lifelong learning

       and involvement in God’s mission out in the world.  This includes local and overseas mission,

       evangelism and social service.

     - To encourage research and scholarship in all educational programs.

     - To assist students in career decisions for full-time ministry.