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Program Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of the Master of Science in Computer Science program of study at Sierra School of Computer Science & Nursing in AEU, the student will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:


Learning Outcome 1

Demonstrate the proficient knowledge on the theory of computation and advanced level concepts of programming languages and apply such knowledge and techniques to industrial projects. 


Learning Outcome 2

Apply mathematical methodologies or scientific solutions in the literature, e.g., heuristic solutions, to solve computational tasks with respect to create and evaluate project


Learning Outcome 3

Manage software project with advanced knowledge regarding system analysis, documentation, and develop requirements, in order to design and implement computer applications system. 


Learning Outcome 4

Perform the software engineering process to develop software that matches the large-scale service platform or system according to customer requirements.


Learning Outcome 5

Apply network techniques based on the knowledge of communication protocols including the latest mobile trends to solve the practical networking issues such as trouble-shooting, efficient server management, and security handling.


Learning Outcome 6

Integrate biblical and theological perspectives in the field where computer science plays a vital role.

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