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Persons associated with America Evangelical university  (students, faculty and staffs) or the Evangelical Church (registered member) has borrowing privileges. Any student may receive a library card free of charge.

Others must pay a membership fee ($50.00 or yearly $20.00) in order to borrow materials. 

Books may be checked out for two weeks  and may be renewed for two-weeks more once.


Library Hours


Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Saturday and Lord’s  Day closed


Hours vary during unscheduled breaks, final week, summer sessions, and vacation periods.

Library will be closed on following days:

         -Federal Holidays (New year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

         -When the school building is closed.




Photocopies and copies made on the microform reader-printer and CD-ROM printer are all ten cents per page.


Lending Policy


              1. All borrowers are required to fill out a library user application form.

              2. All borrowers must show a library card with student ID (for students) to check out books. 

              3. Books are loaned for a 2 weeks period. Patrons may have a maximun of ten items checked out at one time. 

              4. The overdue fine for circulating books is 25 cents a week.  

              5. Renewals can be made once unless another patron requests them.

              6. Reference books and periodicals cannot be checked out.

              7. The reserve shelf is located behind the circulation desk.

                  The material is loaned for a 2 hour period and must be used in the library.

                  Reserve items may be checked-out overnight,   

                  but they cannot leave the library until a half hour before closing and must be returned

                  within a half hour after the library opens the following day.

              8. Those borrowers who lose or severely damage a library book will be charged

                  the replacement value ($ 10.00 minimum) or need to bring in a new book of the same title.


Library Rules


              1. Unnecessary or excessive noise, or any disruptive behavior will not be permitted.

             2. Consumption of food or beverages is not allowed in the library.

             3. Do not re-shelve library materials. Return books to the book cart.

             4. Periodicals must be returned to the original place.

             5. All the library users must have their bags or books checked at the circulation desk.

             6. Due to the closing library duties, please have your books checked out or renewed 10 minutes before closing.

             7. Persons not complying with these policies can be asked to leave.