Nursing / Computer Science



Administrating Faculties


Ryu, Jongkil               President

                                      D.D. America Evangelical University


Kim, Jonghwan          Director of Doctoral Program

                                       Ph.D. Dae Goo Universtiy


Whang, Euijung         Dean of Graduate Studies, Intercultural Studies

                                       Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary


Yoon, Mark                 Academic Dean, New Testament

                                      Ph.D. in Bible and Theology, Claremont School of Theology


Won, Duck Y.             Librarian, Director of Writing and Research Center

                                      MLS. Oregon University


Lee, Kyoungwon        Dean of Student Affairs

                                      D.Min. Asbury Theological Seminary


Cho, Sungho               Chief Financial Officer (Interim)

                                      D.Min Studied, Fuller Theological Seminary


Lee, Timothy              Director of Distance Education

                                      D.Min. Studied, Fuller Theological Seminary

Teaching Faculties (Full Time and Adjunct Faculties) 2016-2017

Lee, Chung Kuhn        D.Min. Claremont School of Theology

Whang, Euijung          Ph.D. Fuller Theological Seminary

Yoon, Mark                  Ph.D. Claremont School of Theology

Kim, Jonghwan,         Ph.D. Dae Goo University

Lee, Sanghoon            Ph.D. Fuller Theological Seminary 

Kim, Heran                 Ph.D. Studied, Claremont School of Theology 

An, Songju                  Ph.D. Talbot School of Theology

Choi, Woo Sung         Ph.D. University of Southern California

Kim, E. Charles          Ph.D. Drew University 

Myung, Junhee          Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University

Kim, Phoebe               DSN, California State University, Dominquez Hill  

Lee, Yeon-seung        Th.D. Boston University

Lee, Kyoungwon        D.Min. Asbury Theological Seminary

Kim, Chang Soo         Ph.D Candidate, Dallas Theological Seminary

Degenkolb, Raymon,  Ph.D. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Oh, Jihye                     DMA. Claremont Graduate University

Rhee, Edmund           Ph.D. Fuller Theological Seminary

Visiting Scholars  

Cho, Chongnam          (Former President of Seoul Theological University)

      Ph.D. Emory University

Mock, Chang Kyun    (Former President of Seoul Theological University)   

      Ph.D. Drew University

Choi, Jongjin               (Former President of Seoul Theological University)

      D.Min. Fuller Theological Seminary

Vermillion, Bill.          PhD (OMS Education Team Leader), University of Washington

Jung, Sukgyu               Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University

Chang, Peter                Ph.D. Claremont School of Theology