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Welcome to the Sierra School of Computer Science at the AEU in Los Angeles. The institution encourages to give students an insight into Computer Science (MSCS) and Computer Information Systems (MSCIS), and more opportunities that the institution can provide in these subjects.


Computer Science is an amazing topic and now essential in our lives. Almost every piece of current life involves computer science and computer information system such as smart phones, tablets, TVs, smart watches, personal computer, navigation systems, cars, gaming, security and medical services.  Our world needs more digital rather than analog. The computer science and computer information system will provide the future. In the near future the cloud system will connect us all through small portable devices, enhancing social networking and allowing us to exchange audio and video data from our daily lives.


Our curriculum emphases six learning outcomes in computer science. Such as theory of computation, applied mathematics software management, software engineering, network technology, and integrate biblical and theological perspectives. And computer information systems focus on five learning outcomes such as computer information system analysis, system development, identifying information technology, manage information technology, and integrate biblical and theological perspectives.


Be a student in Sierra School of Computer Science and get full understanding of amazing subjects and armed yourself with the skills and technologies under the mission statement to have a challenging a tough but exciting career ahead of you.


Dean of Sierra School of Computer Science

Byungrin Han, Ph.D.

1818 S. Western Ave. # 300 Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone : 323-998-0770 / Fax: 838-998-0778 Email :

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