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Bachelor of Arts in Theology

General Description and Program Objective 


America Evangelical University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theology degree 

based on 128 semester units of credit. The program lasts four academic years,

includes general education courses, and is designed to equip the student for more 

effective communication of the Gospel. Each course is worth from one to four 

semester credits and the program consists of approximately 40 3-unit courses.

The objective of the program is to help the student attain a fundamental 

grounding in Biblical Studies, including an introduction to the theory and 

practice of Church History, Missiology, the Old and New Testaments, and 

Theology. The program allows students to master enabling skills for autonomous 

learning and to develop a deep understanding in a specific area of knowledge. 

The elective segment provides the opportunity for students to choose diverse 

exposure to other areas of interest.


Admissions Requirements

The criteria for entrance to the Bachelor of Arts in Theology degree are:

1. Completion of Application Form for Admission.

2. Three letters of recommendation from faculty, counselors, school 

administrators, employers, or church leaders.

3. Possession of or candidacy for a high school diploma or GED.

4. A statement of the applicant’s Christian faith.

5. One recent photograph.

6. Official transcripts from all schools attended including high school.

7. Evaluation of personal interview with a team of faculty members.

8. A sense of calling from God for Christian ministry.

9. Regeneration experience and baptism with water.

10. Active and fruitful church participation.

11. Payment of $100.00 application fee.


General Education 

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology Degree requires that a minimum of 28 percent 

of course units be earned in General Education courses.

General Education courses include courses in religion, psychology, sociology, 

philosophy and other fields.


Method of Instruction 

Classes incorporate lectures, instructional work in class, demonstrations, one-on-

one tutorials, library research, and comprehensive examinations on the Bible. 

Except for internships and field trips, all instruction is conducted in a classroom 



Graduation Requirements 

The Bachelor’s degree program in Theology requires the completion of a 

minimum of 120 semester units of credit and the passage of a comprehensive 

exam. The units can be a combination of transfer credits and completion of 

course work with a Grade Point Average of C (2.0).

At least 25 percent of the completed work must be in general education.

As much as 75 percent of the 126 semester units (or 94 semester units) may be 

satisfied through transfer credit.

A minimum of 25 percent of the credits must be completed at America 

Evangelical University.

In addition to the course work, to graduate, the student must be examined on 

his/her knowledge of the Bible by a written examination.

To pass, a student must correctly answer a minimum of 100 out of 150 questions 

(75 from the Old Testament and 75 from the New Testament).

Exam Procedure - The student will secure the request form to take the 

examination and the request shall be submitted

10 days prior to the date of the examination. The examination shall be taken at 

any regularly scheduled testing period.

The student will be allowed to retake the examination as many times as the 

student wishes.


 Course Titles and Level 

All courses are at the Bachelor degree level. Courses are numbered 100. Course 

descriptions are provided separately.

 A. General Required Courses 

1. Liberal Arts/ General Education (36 Units)

LA101 Introduction to Philosophy (3 units)

LA102 General Psychology (3 units)

LA103 Introduction to Sociology (3 units)

LA104 Basics of Cultural Anthropology (3 units)

LA105 Fundamentals of Religion (3 units)

LA106 Introduction to Education (3 units)

LA107 Koreanology (3 units)

LA209 Learning English Language (3 units)

LA210 Health Care (3 units)

LA211 Introduction to Computers (3 units)


2. Bible and Theology (36 Units)

BS201 Greek I (3 units)

BS202 Greek II (3 units)

BS203 Hebrew I (3 units)

BS204 Hebrew II (3 units)

BS205 Pentateuch (3 units)

BS206 Four Gospels (3 units)

BS207 Wisdom Literature (3 units)

BS212 Romans and Galatians (3 units)

BT302 Introduction to Old Testament (3 units)

BT303 Introduction to New Testament (3 units)

BT401 Introduction to Missiology (3 units)

BT402 History of Christianity (3 units)

 B. Professional Studies (24 units) C. Electives