Nursing / Computer Science

Challenger Exams

Students who have been admitted to AEU in selected programs may take an exam to“challenge” a course in the curriculum, if an exam exists for the course, and thereby receive credit for the course. Typically, the challenge exam for a course will be an exam similar but different than the course’s final exam that is designed and administered by a faculty member teaching that course.

The student must pass the challenge exam by the Grade Point Average of C (70%) and above in order to receive credit for the course.

There are limits as to the amount of credit a student can earn through challenge exams. For undergraduates, no more than 25 percent, or 30 semester units, of the bachelor’s curriculum can be challenged. For the 96-unit Master of Divinity students, the limit is 9 semester units and other restrictions apply.

The course taken by challenge exam can be counted as one of the courses normally taken in the school semester. The transcript of any student successfully challenging a course will list the course, the exam grade as the final grade, and will carry a designation that the course was met through challenge.

Any student wishing to challenge a course must apply in writing to the Dean of Academic Affairs and list the course they would like to challenge, the preferred date, and the amount of credit they wish to receive if they successfully challenge the exam.

A non-refundable $50 challenge exam fee must be paid at the time the challenge exam is taken.